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AC370 • DIN Rail ARM® v8 Microcomputer

Marvell® Armada® 3700 Family SoC

Embedded Blue®



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AC370 ARM® v8 CPU

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Embedded Blue® Boxed Solutions

AC370 • DIN Rail ARM® v8 Microcomputer
Marvell® Armada® 3700 Family SoC

The AC370 is a DIN Rail boxed microcomputer for general industrial applications, equipped with a low power Marvell® ARMADA® 3700 SoC (ARM® v8 Cortex-A53). Networking is provided through wireless (WiFi 6, Bluetooth), and by cable (RJ45 GbE). External devices can be attached to the USB3 receptacle. As an option, an isolated UART interface is available, either RS-232 or RS-485. The AC370 has a wide-range 9-57VDC power input, via either an M12-A style or terminal block power connector (option).

Customer programming is hardware supported by means of the USB Type-B receptacle and the MicroSD card slot. Typical applications of the AC370 are router, gateway, data conversion, device controller, fog computing. The AC370 has an internal mezzanine interface (SerDes 2.5GbE, MDIO) which can be used for mounting an Ethernet switch PCB. This allows switch management and/or protocol stacks e.g AVB/TSN, by the ARMADA® CPU.

Feature Summary

  • Microcomputer box, for DIN rail mount or wall mount
  • Marvell® ARMADA® 3700 SoC family
  • 88F3710 single-core
  • 88F3720 dual-core
  • Low power consumption under different workloads
  • Optimal performance-per-Watt in the embedded markets
  • Box dimensions 30mm (W) x 140mm (H) x 90mm (D) w/o DIN rail brackets
  • Option 45mm (W) as assembly with eight port GbE switch (AL210, AL230)
  • Metal case, DIN rail bracket or wall mount plate
  • M12 power connector
  • Option terminal block power connector
  • Wide input voltage range 9-57VDC

Front Panel I/O
  • RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet connector 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T compliant
  • Micro SDHC Card slot
  • SMA antenna connectors Wi-Fi 6 & Bluetooth® 5
  • USB 3.0 Type-A connector 5Gbps maximum speed
  • USB 2.0 Type-B receptacle (diagnostic & programming I/F)
  • M12-A 5-pin male connector DC power input
  • Option terminal block 3.5mm pitch 4-position screw lock (bottom of box) power input

  • Isolated RS-232 or RS-485 I/F, RJ-45 jack (replaces Type-B receptacle)

  • Marvell® Armada® 88F3720 dual-core or 88F3710 single-core SoC
  • ARM® v8 Cortex-A53
  • Up to 1GHz for industrial temperature range
  • 32 KB-instruction / data (4-way) set associative L1 cache with parity/ECC protection
  • Integrated power switches for dynamic shut down of CPU cores and unused functions
  • Optimal performance-per-Watt
  • High-performance security offload engine including IPSec, SSL, DTLS, and IKE
  • Hardware compliance with ARM Trustzone® architecture for DRM
  • Enhanced Secure-Boot flow using integrated one time programmable (OTP) memory
  • FIPS-140 certified
  • DDR4 512Mb x 16 (1GB) soldered DRAM
  • e•MMC 5.1 Flash 16GB (up to 64GB)
  • SPI Flash 64Mb
  • 1 x 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet (SERDES) in use for mezzanine connector (switch host management)
  • 1 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet (RGMII) front panel I/O usage 1000BASE-T
  • 1 x USB 3.0 front panel I/O
  • 1 x PCIe Gen2 & USB 2.0 in use for M.2 socket (2230 Wi-Fi/BT)
  • 1 x SDIO 3.0 for Micro SDHC card front I/O
  • 2 x UART for Debug/Programming and optional RS-232 or RS-485

  • RJ45 front port w. integrated magnetics, triple speed 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T, Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE)
  • Optional isolated RS-232 or RS-485 interface RJ45 front panel jack (mezzanine modules SUG or SUH)

  • Wi-Fi 6 IEEE 802.1ax up to 2.4Gbps dual band 2x2 160MHz (SMA antenna front connectors)
  • Bluetooth® 5 (SMA antenna front connectors)

  • 1 x 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet (SERDES) in use for mezzanine connector
  • Switch host management for unmanaged Embedded Blue® GbE switch solutions
  • Option AVB/TSN protocol stacks (AVNU certified) available
  • Available as stacked assembly in a common box
  • AL110 (5 port M12-X GbE switch with AC370)
  • AL210 (8 port switch with AC370)
  • AL230 (8 port PoE+ switch with AC370)

  • OS: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS or newer
  • Kernel: 6.1.26 LTS or newer
  • Webserver: AC370 1.0.3 or newer
  • RS-485 Driver (AC370 w. RS-485 port)
  • AVB/TSN support for AC370 controlled Ethernet switch boxes e.g. AL210, AL230
  • OpenWRT (replaces Ubuntu OS, AL210, AL230)
  • AVB/TSN w. OpenWRT (AL210, AL230)
  • AP (restriction w. Intel AX210 Wi-Fi 6 - requires other active APs detected/scanned)
  • EdgeFarm (Ci4Rail, WiP)
  • JTAG port (on-board pin header) suitable for deep hardware/software debugging
  • UART wired to USB Type-B front receptacle via FT234XD for diagnosis and programming
  • USB UART drivers suite (FTDI website)

  • Industrial networks - IIoT
  • Industrial, factory and building automation
  • Rugged environments
  • Edge or fog computing
  • Transportation
  • AP routers
  • Multi-protocol gateways
  • Host management for networking (AVB/TSN)
  • AC370 can be combined with unmanaged Embedded Blue® switch solutions via 2.5GbE I/F

Power Requirements
  • DC Input, 9V-57VDC (12/24/48VDC)
  • Rated power consumption 15W
  • Fast acting chip fuse (PCB soldered type - no replacement on-site)
  • Protected against reverse polarity
  • ESD protection (TVS)
  • Common mode input filter
  • M12 front power connector
  • Option 4-position terminal block 3.50mm pitch screw locked for DC power input

Environmental, Regulatory
  • Designed & manufactured in Germany
  • Certified quality management according to ISO 9001
  • Long term availability
  • Rugged solution
  • RoHS compliant
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C (industrial temperature range)
  • Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C, max. gradient 5°C/min
  • Humidity 5% ... 95% RH non condensing
  • Altitude -300m ... +3000m
  • Shock 15g 0.33ms, 6g 6ms
  • Vibration 1g 5-500Hz
  • EC Regulatory EN55035, EN55032, EN62368-1 (CE)
  • International Protection EN60529 IP20
  • MTBF 78.0 years (MIL-HDBK-217F, SN29500 @+40°C)
all items are subject to changes

AC370 - Simplified Block Diagram

AC370 - Simplified Block Diagram