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XMC Mezzanine Module - SATA Storage

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DX4-BADGER XMC Mezzanine Module

Quad Channel SATA Controller • Triple mSATA Sockets

The DX4-BADGER is a XMC style mezzanine card, equipped with a quad-channel PCI Express® to SATA 6Gbps controller, and three on-board sockets for mSATA solid state drives (SSD). With a capacity available of up to 1TB as of current, mSATA is a fast growing storage module form factor. The Marvell® SATA 3.0 controller allows RAID or non RAID operation, and incorporates speed negotiation to backward support 3Gbps and 1.5Gbps. A front bezel eSATA connector is provided for attachment of an external SATA storage device.

The DX4-BADGER connects up to four SATA III (6G) devices to a PCIe 2.0 host, delivering up to 1 Gigabyte-per-second (GBps) bandwidth when a two-lane 5.0 Gbps interface is available. In addition, hardware RAID operation is supported, running with an enhanced ARM-based processor to offload the host CPU, and Marvell® HyperDuo technology for automated SSD/HDD tiering. With respect to the three mSATA sockets provided on the DX4-BADGER, a Terabyte RAID system can be simply configured.



DX4-BADGER - Simplified Block Diagram

DX4-BADGER - Simplified Block Diagram
Feature Summary
Form Factor
  • XMC single-width mezzanine card 149mm x 74mm
  • Stack height 10mm XMC to host
Host I/F
  • Host I/F Connector P15 XMC (Option XMC 2.0)
  • x 1 or x 2 PCI Express® 2.0 (5.0 Gbps), single or dual lane
  • +3.3V only operated (VPWR not in use)
SATA Controller
  • Marvell® PCI Express® 2.0 to SATA III host controller
  • Four SATA 6Gbps interface ports (backward support 3Gbps and 1.5Gbps)
  • Native Command Queuing
  • Hardware RAID 0/1/10
  • On-the-fly AES encryption 128/256-bit
  • AHCI driver support
  • Marvell HyperDuo technology for automated SSD/HDD tiering
eSATA Connector
  • Front bezel eSATA connector for attachment of an external device
  • eSATA is limited to 3Gbps by SATA specification
  • eSATA is limited to 2m external cable length by SATA specification
  • 6Gbps data rate and/or 5m eSATA cable length with suitable peripheral eSATA devices
mSATA Module Sockets
  • Up to three on-board mSATA SSD modules
  • Half or full size accepted
  • Various brands of mSATA SSDs available (e.g. Intel, Micron, Samsung)
  • RAID option for dual or triple device configuration
  • Operating temperature: 0°C ... +70°C
  • Storage temperature: -40°C ... +85°C, max. gradient 5°C/min
  • Humidity 5% ... 95% non condensing
  • Altitude -300m ... +3000m
  • Shock 15g 0.33ms, 6g 6ms
  • Vibration 1g 5-2000Hz
  • Coating, sealing, underfilling on request
MTBF 100.5 years
Regulatory EC Regulatory EN55022, EN55024, EN60950-1 (UL60950-1/IEC60950-1)
subject to technical changes

Ordering Information
Please refer to List 22 for popular DX4-BADGER SKUs

DX4-BADGER XMC Module (Front Side View)
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